Program One


IdeaHack is a two-day event during which we partner with the university to bring students from different backgrounds—coders, designers, storytellers, and others—to solve business problems.

Program Two

Capstone Project

We also collaborate with university curriculum to incubate real-life business challenges in the classroom through capstone projects.

Program Three

China Z Fellowship


It is designed to offer a chance for high potential individuals to work at VML. Recent graduates will have the opportunity to receive on-the-job training at VML Headquarters and gain valuable work experience at local VML offices in China.

  • 6-months: VML Headquarters (Kansas City, MO) – training
  • 3-years: VML IM2.0 (China-bonded)
  • Post 3-years: VML network

Agency Tours

Students have the opportunity to visit our office in person. During the visit, students will not only gain a better understanding of the working environment of the agency, but also learn about how different roles function in the organization (such as Strategy, Account Management, Production, UX Design, etc.)


Guest Speakers

We bring our leaders to speak to students on a variety of topics in the global context. The series offers students an opportunity to learn and discuss the industry leaders’ views on management, leadership, challenges, and predictions.


Professional Training

We collaborate with the university to co-develop courses and training for students, faculty, or professors.