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About Us

About Z AcademySM

Z Academy is about identifying top talent and the right cultural fit. We look for students who are full of energy, open to new experiences and expert consumers of digital communications. Participants are burgeoning professionals with skills we want. They are Z Academy Apprentices, not interns.

Z Academy marries the digital talents of these aspiring marketers with the marketing prowess of our most seasoned executives. And it works because of the reciprocal learning relationship between students and their mentors.

Schools around the world currently partner with the program, and the list is yet growing.

The program has caught the eye of the industry. Publications such as The Wall Street Journal and The Huffington Post are highlighting the program for recognizing that in order to keep up, it must align with the talent of young, up and coming digital students.

“One of the most unique aspects of the program is that Zeds experience our culture away from their native market…Our talent needs are driven by an increasingly globally sensitive client base, and this program helps fill that need. Zeds not only contribute great work but they do as much to help us learn as we help them gain a valuable experience.”

– William Manfredi, EVP of Global Talent Management at Wunderman.